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Mind Bomb 1 – When The Levee Breaks

The premiere edition of 3rd-EYEwitness News features Les Grievances and breaching flood gates.

thunder & lightning
water’s rising
neurons dancing
spirits exciting

Mind Bomb 2 – Round & Round & Round We Go

Edition 2 of 3rd-EYEwitness News with Les Grievances and Mark Mywerds.

spinning wheel turnin’

human beings learnin’
again & again & again & again
from beginning to end then repeat it my friend

Mind Bomb 3 – Well Waddaya Know

Edition 3 of 3rd-EYEwitness News:

Questions ARE The Answer

to know is to not
to not is to know
to grasp is to lose
to gain, you let go

Mind Bomb 4 – Believe It Or Not

Edition 4 of 3rd-EYEwitness News:

Potent Questions Reveal Conditioned Responses

to believe is to box

so un-box your beliefs
dogma restrains
openness frees

Shift Happens

Mind-Bomb 5

You Either Get It Or You Will

a box bursts open
sets itself free
a box
plus a box
plus a box
times three

Shift’s Happening

Mind-Bomb 6

The Root Of The Matter

Shift Within
Shift Without

Wholly Shift

Mind-Bomb 7

The Art Of Allowing

the path around is a path straight through

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