12 September, 2023

Only so much can be stated in a moment, or two… much less communicated…
Communication involves conveying ideas & concepts linguistically, while apprehending them intrinsically.
A process honed by enduring questions, however uncomfortable such questions might be.

Limits Preset Ahead Of Effect So No Affect Can Ever Reset

Who leads the conversation?
The conversation in your brain

If Simon Says: “Hands on head!”

Do you comply? …or walk away?

If Simon says: “This is SO!”

Do you fret? Do you know?

If Simon Says: “This you FEEL”

Do you question? …or do you kneel?


Who is this Simon anyway…?

A symbol of authority some might say…

Or a metaphor pointing to something much deeper:

The recognition of Self as one’s true gatekeeper!

For Simon is whomever you say…

BE your Simon…

or give him away…


Though to be your Simon is no easy task,
Wisdom roots for those willing to ask
Questions upon answers we firmly do know,
for to know is to not, while to not, is to know…

For if you know, no more can be said
Contrary points all arrive dead,
But if you don’t there’s room for much more
More information, not blocked by a door
Viscerally maintained
Editing content as our context does frame

For if your foe is wrong you’re ready to fight,

But can you even hear when your foe is right…?